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How many of the 200+ pollutants & Chemicals are in your water?

You may unknowingly be drinking water having these chemicals and pollutants. Here’s the best way to stay safe. Click below to see our products.

The Solution: More Than a Filter

Alkaline, Antioxidant, Molecular Hydrogen Health Benefits

Life Water Benefits

  • Improves Hydration and pH Balance
  • Boosts Your Immune System
  • Keeps Your Kidneys Healthy
  • Improves Circulation
  • Improves Digestion
  • Helps Control Calories
  • Look and Feel Younger
  • Energizes Your Entire Body
  • Detoxifies at a Cellular Level
  • Improves Look and Feel of Your Skin
  • Reduces Recovery After Hard Work or Exercise

Effectively reduces up to 99.9 % of chemicals in water.

More than a filter, the Pure Hydration unit transforms regular tap tooter into powerful alkaline, antioxidant water for wellness and anti-aging right at your counter top sink faucet. And the use of earth-elements produce molecular hydrogen to fight free radicals at the cellular level.

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I installed the unit myself and only needed a couple of hand tools. I have well water and find the taste of my water better than my friend who has his Pure Hydration on city water. My whole family loves the water and we all find ourselves drinking more water and less cola’s. My mom actually stopped drinking cola and carries the travel unit with her when she travels.
We purchased the Pure Hydration system a couple of months ago at the Green Festival and love it! The water tastes so much cleaner, and I love knowing that the alkaline water I use every day to make fruit infused water is even better for me than before! Thank you for making such an amazing product that is affordable!
The system was relatively easy to set up. I connected it to the faucet, so it was very easy to go from regular water to filtered water. So much nicer than having to refill a pitcher repeatedly! Smooth-tasting water with no chlorine taste.
It was a quick simple install with significant difference in water clarity and taste. As far as the Alkaline and Hydrogen, I can’t tell any difference but I trust it does what they claim, worst case I have clear good tasting water. Wife and kids are using less bottled water and are refilling the ones they use, that’s good enough for me. Highly recommended the unit on just how easy it is to install, I did not use any tools and installed using the faucet diverter in 5 minutes.

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